Eva Žáčeková and Matěj Pčolka: Identification and Control Aspects of Model Predictive Control

Fri, 03/20/2015

The presentation will introduce some topics related to practical use of model predictive control. Apart from many advantages which MPC brings, a need for reliable mathematical model of the controlled system can be seen as a requirement that is rather complicated to fulfill. This becomes even more delicate in case of real operation where identification experiments are inacceptable due to many economical/operational reasons. Therefore, the first part of the presentation will focus on challenges that accompany identification for model-based control. In the second part of the presentation, chosen design and implementation aspects of the predictive control for nonlinear systems will be discussed. As an illustrative example, building temperature control will be presented to demonstrate the discussed issues.

The seminar will be held at K14 room and will start at 2pm (the planned duration is one hour).