Jakub Drs (FEL ČVUT): Laser-assisted morphing of complex three dimensional glass objects (femtosecond laser machining in glass followed by CO2 laser melting)

Fri, 05/22/2015

Jakub Drs is our final-year student (yep, that is the dude with the long hair:-). He has just returned from a several-month stay with our good colleague - Prof. Yves Bellouard - at EPFL in Lausanne (actually in Neuchâtel). Jakub will report on his work done in Yves' lab in the domain of microfabrication using lasers (before he is going to join him as a PhD student in a few months).

Everyone welcome, especially interested students and faculty from outside the department of control engineering. Starts at 2pm at K14 seminar room.

Topics of presentation:

* How to create an artificial life in glass using CO2 laser.
* How the glass micro-mushrooms grow under CO2 laser irradiation.
* The role of the control theory - PI does the job.
* Turning mistakes to results - self-sealing cavities in glass.
* Moving the laser lab from Holland to Switzerland.
* A few photos