Matthieu Thomas (STMicroelectronics Prague): Control challenges in switched DC-DC converters

Fri, 05/15/2015

Everyone warmly welcome. Start at 2pm, room K14. Expected duration 1 hour.

Abstract: DC-DC Converters are widely used in electronic devices to convert energy from a supply line or a battery to a stable supply voltage. Switching converters application and topologies diversity as well as constantly increased applications requirements makes it an active field of research. The aim of the talk is to give a non-exhaustive introduction on the subject and highlights control challenges. Thus after presenting most common converter topologies, step-down, step-up and step-up-down converters, the focus will be given to the first topology only. Pulse width modulation voltage and current mode controller will be shortly introduced as illustration of linear controller. Hysteretic-mode, a non-linear control method will then be discussed. This last kind of controller opens new performance possibilities as well new challenges for the designer in their analysis. The discussion will continue with three actual challenges: Implementing the hysteretic controller with a low-ESR output capacitance, Ensuring a smooth transition between Discontinuous Conduction Mode and Continuous Conduction Mode and multiphase converter phase balancing.