Our paper awarded "EEA Demonstrator Paper Prize" at IFAC 2017 World Congress in Toulouse, France

A great success of our group at IFAC 2017 World Congress in Toulouse, France! The paper entitled "Time-Optimal Control for Bilinear Nonnegative-In-Control Systems: Application to Magnetic Manipulation" by Jiří Zemánek, Sergej Čelikovský a Zdeněk Hurák was awarded the EEA Demonstrator Paper Prize. This special demonstrator prize is funded by Club EEA (French association of professors and researchers in electrical and information sciences).

It feels great to finally harvest the well deserved appreciation of our work in the domain of noncontact manipulation by shaping force fields through actuator arrays. Although evaluated by the committee was the particular submitted paper coauthored by the three people, there were many more members of our group (past and current) who contributed to the development of the actual experimental platform for noncontact magnetic manipulation - their contribution is acknowledged.

This award is reportedly not only a recognition of a high quality of the particular presented paper/demonstrator but also a recognition of the fact that our team had in total three papers/demonstrators in this special category and all of them qualified into the narrower selection. The other two high-quality papers/demonstrators that our team presented at the congress were thus instrumental in winning the prize. These were: "Ball in Double Hoop: Demonstration Model for Numerical Optimal Control" authored by Martin Gurtner and Jiří Zemánek and "Vehicular Platooning Experiments Using Autonomous Slot Cars" authored by Martin Lád, Ivo Herman and Zdeněk Hurák.

Image: IFAC 2017 logo
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Image: IFAC 2017 - Best demonstrator paper award
Image: IFAC 2017 - Slot car platform demonstration
Image: IFAC 2017 - Ball and hoop demonstation
Image: IFAC 2017 - Magman demonstration
Image: IFAC 2017 - Ball and hoop demonstation 2