Ph.D. thesis defense by Martin Gurtner

Fri, 05/26/2023

The time has finally come for Martin Gurtner to defend the results of his doctoral research supervised by Zdeněk Hurák. The defense of his thesis will take place at 10:00am on Friday, May 26, 2023, in the seminar room KN:E-14 in the building E, Karlovo náměstí 13.

The thesis topic is Distributed optimization for multi-object manipulation by shaping spatial force fields (the reviews here). 

The three reviewers 

- Prof. Anders Hansson (Linköping University, Sweden)
- Assoc. Prof. Aude Bolopion (FEMTO-ST Institute, France)
- Ing. František Mach, Ph.D. (Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, Czechia)
and the committee members
- prof. Ing. Michael Šebek, DrSc. 
- prof. Ing. Vladimír Havlena, CSc.
- doc. M.Sc. et M.Sc. Daniel Georgiev (Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, Czechia)
- Ing. Jaroslav Pekař, Ph.D. (Garrett Motion s.r.o)
- doc. Ing. Martin Saska, Dr. rer. nat. (Dept. of Cybernetics, FEL CVUT)
The event is public.