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PLC control of technological process software model[edit]

Author: Fetterik Jozef

Diplomové práce 2011

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The thesis refers to the design of the Processor-in-the-loop simulation via the OPC communication. The controls have been designed for about 4-metre high system of coupled tanks with self-contained cycle of water representing a model of pumpedstorage hydroelectric power plant. The work contains a physical description of the system and the complete non-linear model in Matlab-Simulink. For the connection between Matlab and programmable controller (PLC), which controls the model, an OPC server from Siemens company, called OPC.SimaticNET, has been chosen. As a client the OPC Toolbox in Matlab has been used. The thesis describes in detail the DCOM configuration necessary for the reliable communication between OPC server and OPC client. Except the manual control from the touch panel and the direct PLC control it is possible to control the model from Matlab and to start the Processor-in-the-loop simulation, when the non-linear model in Matlab-Simulink is being controlled by PLC regulator.

Dp 2011 fetterik jozef.pdf