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Zigbee communication based control system[edit]

Author: Rychnovský Václav

Diplomové práce 2011

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This work presents the analysis and design of complete wireless solutions to control model railroad through using transport layer of the IEEE 802.15.4 and the return channel from the controlled unit to the control computer. Custom in detail analyzed solution is based on devices from Texas Instruments. The text of the work is primarily focused on documentation of new hardware and software developments, next steps and testing alternatives that followed the end of the first stage of the bachelor thesis defence. The output of this work is hardware and driver software suitable for permanent deployment at The Institute of Information Theory and Automation in Prague, as well as to other possible teaching at the Department of Control Engineering. Although this is a custom application, it can be used in any application for collecting data in a simple wireless sensor network and the return channel back to sensors, where the main emphasis is on response time.

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