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Distributed control of platoons of racing slot cars[edit]

Author: Martinec Dan

Diplomové práce 2012

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This thesis examines several known control algorithms for a platoon of ten slot car vehicles, such as a predecessor-following concept, leader-following concept, combination of these two concepts and a bidirectional algorithm. Pros and cons of these algorithms are analytically and experimentally assessed, in particular the so-called string stability, and compared with the LQR controllers. An insight into known mathematical models of the platoon is given by using three formalisms: state space, decentralized state space and 2-D polynomial approach. The experiments are carried out on a platform developed for these purposes. The platform is based on commercially available racing slot cars made by Carrera company equipped with an onboard 32-bit microcontroller-based control system. The assembled PCB board was provided by the Freescale Semiconductor, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic, within their Freescale Race Challenge 2012. A few additional components such as an infrared range sensor and a wireless communication module have been added to the original system. Technical parameters of the platform and mathematical model of the slot cars are described in the thesis.

Dp 2012 martinec dan.pdf