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Integration of Ethernet switch to Linux-based embedded device[edit]

Author: Kaisrlík Jan

Diplomové práce 2015

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The aim of this diploma thesis is to integrate operating system Linux to embedded module Colibri T20 and implement drivers for thermally resilient Ethernet switch connected via USB. This Ethernet switch is based on switch circuit Marvell 88E6065. This switch circuit is connected to USB RMII interface provided by Asix AX88772b controller. The ractical part of this thesis includes design and implementation of the driver for operating system Linux. Mentioned driver extends current driver of controller Asix AX88772b. It was required to add possibility to Distributed Switch Architecture switch chip to connect switch without significant interrupting to the system. Subsequently, a driver for switch circuit 88E6065 was added. Result of this thesis is successful connection of the switch to the module and creation of an interface which is visible from a user space.

Dp 2015 kaisrlik jan.pdf
P 2015 kaisrlik jan.pdf