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Online data acquisition support for OpenChrom analytical software[edit]

Author: Holý Jan

Bakalářské práce 2016

Stáhnout práci v PDF

Chromatography is one of the separation techniques in chemistry. Separation techniques are used either for obtaining pure substances or compounds from some mixture of substances or analysing individual substances of the mixture. Variety of specialized programs are used for processing the chromatography records. There are complex commercial software solutions available yet many teams choose to use some open software instead such as CHROMuLAN or OpenChrom. The CHROMuLAN is capable to communicate and acquire data from instruments connected to computer in addition to data processing and evaluation. New project OpenChrom is becoming more and more popular today and its development is backed by funding from the Eclipse Foundation. It is necessary to extend The OpenChrom program by creating data acquisition and monitoring extension in order to be able to fully replace CHROMuLAN in institutions in which CHROMuLAN is used. The main core of the thesis is the design and implementation of this extension.

Bp 2016 holy jan.pdf
P 2016 holy jan.pdf