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Mathematics and electrical processing of liquid chromatography detector signal[edit]

Author: Pavel Píša

Disertační práce 2010

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The thesis focuses on research and development of high performance liquid chromatography (abbreviated HPLC) assays evaluation algorithms, spectrophotometer electronic design, signal processing and instruments setups control. Analysis of the currently used solutions is accompanied with description of the chromatographic system that was developed by a team in which the author of the thesis leads electronic hardware design, is the sole author of all instruments firmware and significantly contributed to the design and evaluation of algorithms superior control and assay record evaluation. The detailed description of innovative method and further design of high resolution analog to digital converter for HPLC applications is highlighted as one of the interesting and reusable achievements. The thesis provides introduction into chromatography analytical method as well. The use of modern methods and algorithms for chromatography assays evaluation is proposed on that theoretical basis. The possibilities for integration of researched methods into CHROMuLAN open-source chromatography system are discussed as well as invention and implementation of communication protocol (uLAN) used for chromatographic apparatus setups control.

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