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Extension of library of firmaware elements of industrial control system UNICON[edit]

Author: Klimentová Adéla

Diplomové práce 2003

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There exists a number of control and regulation methods that respect various systems, signals and limitations caused by the realization of the system. Wide range of industrial applications can be successfully solved through adaptive control which has been used since the sixties of the last century. The aim of this work is not to present comprehensive summary of adaptive control approaches which can be obtained from literature but to describe one possible approach based on simulation survey to realization of an adaptive controller to be used to control systems with unknown parameters so that the work productivity could be increased. Emphasis is on practical usage. Therefore the solution should not be devaluated by assuming many simplifying conditions or presuppositions that would be complicated for the user. I made effort to follow conventions usual in branch of automation of technological processes.

Dp 2003 klimentova adela.pdf