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Wire Train Bus Data Logger[edit]

Author: Křivský Radek

Diplomové práce 2003

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The objective of this diploma thesis is to implement software for the Data Logger Front-End unit for Wire Train Bus (WTB). This thesis is based on the project WTB Communication unit built by UniControls, Inc.

The Data Logger comprises a PC and the Front-End unit, which comprises a WTB unit and a processor module. The WTB unit receives all data appearing on the Wire Train Bus and saves it in its shared memory. From there, these records are read by the processor module and sent via Ethernet to the PC, where they are saved to a file for possible off-line processing. Starting and holding of communication between the Front-End unit and the PC is controlled by the user. To prove the functionality of the whole device software interpreting the transferred data was implemented.

This diploma thesis also contains a brief description of the standard IEC 61375-1 (Train Communication Network, TCN), which includes the specification of Wire Train Bus communication protocol. Algorithms are described in Specification and Description Language (SDL). Base information about SDL is also presented.

Dp 2003 krivsky radek.pdf