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Positional Visual Feedback Control[edit]

Author: Němec Tomáš

Diplomové práce 2007

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This diploma thesis deals with closing a positional visual feedback to the control of model throwing billiard balls. The state model of the system was constructed, for one thrown billiard ball. Based on this state model, a Kalman filter, estimating the system's state, was designed. A high speed industrial camera supplies the Kalman filter with the measured data. From the observed system state, the suitable catch point is calculated and sent to the control PLC. The communication with the model uses standard TCP/IP protocol. For fast image processing, HALCON library was utilized. The result of this project is a working application in Visual C++, which thanks to visual feedback from the camera juggles with one billiard ball. The last chapter of this thesis is devoted to design of safety elements according to standard EN~954-1, category 3.

Dp 2007 nemec tomas.pdf