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Laboratory Model "Position Control for Hard Disk Drive"[edit]

Author: Ladislav Růžička

Diplomové práce 2008

Download thesis in PDF

This thesis describes a design of a laboratory exercise for students of Department of Control Engineering. The main aim of the laboratory exercise is to control the position of a disk head. The most modern methods of modelling, model’s parameters identification and control are used to control the position. The disc head is connected to the computer by external hardware and converter cards MF 624 produced by Humusoft company. Modelling, model’s parameters identification and control are carried in environment of MATLAB Simulink. The thesis consists of several sections: 1. assembling of a hardware and a software needed for control of the disc head and position measuring, 2. the mathematical description of the system and model parameters identification, 3. the design of regulators PID and LQG and 4. service instrucitons to laboratory preparation.

Dp 2008 ruzicka ladislav.pdf