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Information system for management and analysis of medical data[edit]

Author: Baláš Jan

Diplomové práce 2010

Download thesis in PDF

The primary goal of this thesis is to design and implement an information system (IS) suitable for archiving and management of various audio records used in speech processing and their documentation. System will also be able to archive and manage measurements of other biological signals that have been collected during past ten years. It will provide a suitable user interface usable for depositing new data by doctors, teachers and students. The first section of this document deals with the description of technologies used during the development of the IS. The second part aims to describe implementation of the final product on server side. It also describes requirements that user must meet to be able to fully use the system. The third part focuses on the functionality structure and user interface. The last part analyses developed data structure used in the IS.

Dp 2010 balas jan.pdf