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Diagnostic unit for automated testing of automotive ECU[edit]

Author: Janata Jakub

Diplomové práce 2016

Stáhnout práci v PDF

The goal of this work is to design and implement hardware and software support for testing of automotive ECU developed in the Rapid Prototyping Platform (RPP) project. The thesis describes the design of electronic circuits and printed circuit board which extends the BeagleBone Black board. The RPP-Tester, that performs automated testing, framework as well as the procedure of its installation combined with settings of Debian Linux distribution are described too. The platform has been integrated with a version control system, the testing platform in its final form is able to perform automated regression tests. It may also serve as an instrument for agile development. Testing scenarios and results of testing on RPP physical boards also constitute a part of the document. .

Dp 2016 janata jakub.pdf
P 2016 janata jakub.pdf