IP adresy HW prvků

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Siemens S7-315-2PN/DP (mac_adress: 08:00:06:6b:91:5f)

Siemens MP377 15touch (mac_adress: 00:0e:8c:ae:3c:63)

Siemens S7-400 CP 433-1 (mac_adress: 08:00:06:96:3d:51)

Siemens IE/PB link (mac_adress: 08:00:06:94:a5:77)

Siemens SCALANCE - switch (mac_adress: 08:00:06:97:52:66)

WAGO speedway 767-1201 (mac_adress: 00:30:de:20:03:36)