Inilabs DVS128 Dynamic Vision Sensor

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Installing the drivers

  • How to download drivers (and the latest version of jAER Viewer) (SVNTortoise is good for it.)
  • How to install USB driver. (For WinXP - Don't erase the drivers, Windows sometimes after restart wanna install these drivers again.)
  • Now try to start jAER, if you will see the video from the cam, you are done. If you will have some problem, first try to set the AEChip right (your chip is ...jaer.chip.retina.DVS128), if you will have still some problems, try to load Bias. You have already downloaded Biases by SVN, so go to the directory Biasgen settings and find DVS128 and you will see them. Press CTRL+B in jAER and you will get pop-up with Biases, so make File -> LoadSettings and load DVS128Fast or DVS128Slow (they recommend these on jAER help forum for standard usage). <more about Bias controlling> If you will still have some problem, visit jAER Help Forum or jAER wiki.

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