Slotcar Platooning Communication

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General description

Oscilloscope settings

  • Use trigger in Normal mode, set it to descreasing edge of MRDY signal, timescale 50 us and y scale 1V, trigger to 1.5V. After using reset sequence, the data comes after cca 780-800 ms.


After reset sequence to measure the first initial communication on the oscilloscope, wait for cca 500 ms. The first drop in SRDY is just a disturbance, not the indication to be ready to receive data.

B1 USER: User and Wake-Up button connected to the I/O PA0. On SmartRF05 Evalution Board: P10-19.

Random ideas

There are several ways for applying power to the SmartRF05EB. The power source can be selected using the power source selection jumper on header P11 (1-2 for battery, 2-3 for USB). SRDY signal doesnt change according to expectaion if USB was selected as power source. Back to slotcar platooning