Jiří Zemánek
Assistant professor
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Jiří Zemánek (*1984) is an assistant professor in control engineering and automation. His main research interests are intelligent materials and distributed (micro)manipulation with a multiple objects by shaping physical force fields (electric, magnetic, acoustic pressure) through arrays of actuators.


He earned his Ph.D. degree in 2018 under supervision by Zdeněk Hurák at Czech Technical University in Prague for his work on noncontact micromanipulation using dielectrophoresis and magnetophoresis. He then spent the school year 2019/20 as a Fulbright Scholar with prof. Neil Gershenfeld at Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) at MIT, Cambridge, USA.


He teaches an undergraduate course on Modeling and simulation of dynamical systems, and he is preparing to teach a course on How to make almost anything, inspired by a similar course at MIT, in which he served as a TA.


He is a passionate maker, tinkerer, DIYer, he loves making things. He is also active in the local makers community - he served as a program chair of Prague Maker Fair in 2018 and 2019.

Research Publications jiri [dot] zemanek [at] fel [dot] cvut [dot] cz +420-22435-5707