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Switched-mode power supply 24V/2,5A

Author: Janda Petr

Bakalářské práce 2003

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This problem handle design and implementation skittching power. Introduction contain compare standart ane skittching power, descript fuction DC-DC converter, primary separation DC-DC converter. Ground this power is DC-DC converter with transformer. This converter is controled by means of UC 3842, whose function is describe in this labour. Next in this labour is description function skittching power and schematics. Basics problem is designed pulse transformer and else components. Because this labour handle realization this power, here is direction for reactivate this power. Then in this labour is component list and budget for realization this power. In labour is table and graph measure value. Finally compare measure and assigned value. Result this labour is full functional skittching power.

Bp 2003 janda petr.pdf