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Author: Vladimír Tichý

Disertační práce 2011

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The dissertation analyses possibility of building experimental space X-ray telescope with the optics of the lobster-eye type. This type of optics seem to be a convenient approach for building future space all-sky X-ray monitors. Results of experiments with the lobster eye and the Medipix2 X-ray imaging device showing the functionality of this setup at the energy around 8keV are presented. Angular resolution and field of view were measured as well as image distortion and intensity in the dependency on the source position. Results are presented. Two experimental lobster eye modules called XTM-25 and XTM-90 built in Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe, s.r.o. are presented. Results of the tests of these modules in visible light are presented. Angular resolution of these modules is described. The lobster eye specimen called P-25 built in Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe, s.r.o. seems to be adequate to be used in a small experimental space telescope. For this reason, performance of this lobster eye was tested in a quasi-parallel beam XACT in Instituto Nazionale di Astrofisica- Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo, Italy. Key imaging parameters of P-25, i.e. field of view, angular resolution and gain were measured at several energy values from 280eV to 8keV. At selected energy lines, measurements of gain were performed with the various incoming beam angle. Results are presented. The simulation program was developed. The key experimental results are compared to the results of this simulation program.

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