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Algorithm for network topology design[edit]

Author: Tomáš Fencl

Disertační práce 2011

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This thesis presents several algorithms for the network topology design. The network topology is an important part of the distributed control systems and has a crucial influence on its ability. An algorithm for the design of the fault-tolerance network is able to design the network with the different levels of the fault-tolerance in the different parts of the network. The designed network is able to transport the data until the maximal permitted time elapses. The algorithm applies the real-life limitation such as a limited number of communication ports and limitation caused by the environment in which the network is used. This algorithm is used as a basis of the algorithm for the network reduction and expansion that is able to redesign the network not only if the number of communication links is changed but also if the number of nodes is changed (the redesigned network must meet all requests for the different fault-tolerance in the different parts of the network and the limitation of the number of communication ports). Other algorithm is dedicated to the design of the tree topology that is mostly used in the industry. Algorithm brings a novel application of a priori knowledge of unsuitable topologies. This knowledge allows to avoid design of the topologies that cannot be construct because of an environment limitation. Moreover, the designed network can use nodes with the limited number of communication ports of the different types of the physical layer. Moreover, the network has limited depth. Algorithm is used as a key stone for the algorithm that is able to redesign the tree topology in order to meet demands for changed number of nodes with the different numbers of the communication ports of the different types. The redesigned network has the limited depth.

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