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Scheduling in manufacturing systems[edit]

Author: Jan Kelbel

Disertační práce 2012

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This thesis is focused on combinatorial optimization problems that are present in the domain of manufacturing systems. Three different optimization problems are studied. The first optimization problem is an industrial case study problem of lacquer production. It is a production scheduling with earliness and tardiness penalties that reflects the scheduling part of the Just-In-Time inventory strategy. The aim of the scheduling is to create a schedule for the lacquer production, which will meet the due dates required by the customers. The storage costs for orders completed before due date and the penalty payment for not meeting the due date are considered. The second problem deals with the component reallocation problem in the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly process optimization. It is aiming to improve the existing component allocation which was in this case originally created by the SMT line operators as a manual modification of the initial component allocation by the line computer optimizer. The modification was made to improve the quality of the assembly; however, it negatively affected the assembly time. This paper describes an algorithm developed as a decision support system for the SMT line operators and its purpose is to suggest changes in the existing component allocation in order to improve the production performance. The third problem deals with a scheduling problem in manufacturing of agricultural machinery. The objective is to minimize the total production time for a defined set of ordered products. The problem is categorized as a permutation flow-shop problem.

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