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Demand Side Management System for Optimizing Operation of Power Grids with Renewable Energy Sources[edit]

Author: Ondřej Malík

Disertační práce 2017

Integration of renewable energy sources is one of the most challenging issues that is being dealt with in the today’s electricity networks. In order to facilitate such integration, new technologies and adequate control systems and algorithms need to be developed and put into practice. In this thesis, a three-level demand side management system based on direct load control of electric water heaters is proposed. The system utilizes load shifting capabilities of electric water heaters in households in order to optimize operation of power system at different voltage levels, particularly focusing on networks with high penetration of renewable energy sources.The first control level of the proposed concept operates at low-voltage level of the power system. Its objective is to control the power balance of the low-voltage area by shifting the load of electric water heaters to the time periods with high renewable energy sources production. This should ensure reduction of adverse effects of renewable energy sources on power quality in the low-voltage networks since it reduces line loading and reverse power flows, which in turn reduces voltage fluctuations observed in the network.