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Distributed manipulation by controlling force fields through arrays of actuators[edit]

Author: Jiří Zemánek

Disertační práce 2018

This work focuses on the control of distributed manipulation through physi- cal fields created by arrays of actuators. In particular, the thesis addresses manipulation of objects using non-uniform electric and magnetic fields— dielectrophoresis and magnetophoresis, respectively. In both domains, math- ematical models suitable for incorporation into a feedback control loop are derived. The models in the two domains exhibit a similar structure, which encourages the development of a unified approach to control. The nonlinear model of the system dynamics is inverted by solving a numerical optimization problem in every sampling period. A powerful attribute of the proposed control strategy is that a parallel manipulation—the simultaneous and independent manipulation of several objects—can be demonstrated. Besides the theoretical concepts, the thesis also describes technical details of experimental platforms for both physical domains, together with out- comes from numerous experiments. For dielectrophoresis, a new layout of electrodes is documented that allows full planar manipulation while requir- ing only a one-layer fabrication technology. On the algorithmic side, work presents a novel use of phase modulation of the voltages to control dielec- trophoresis. Dedicated instrumentation is also discussed in the thesis such as multichannel generators for control of dielectrophoresis through amplitude and phase modulation and optical real-time position measurements using common optics and a lensless sensor. For magnetophoresis, a modular test bed composed of a planar array of coils with iron cores is described in detail. Thanks to the modularity, the platform can be used for verification of not only the centralized but also distributed control strategies.