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Industrial models and measurement[edit]

Author: Kos Jiří

Diplomové práce 2007

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This diploma thesis is engaged in industrial models suitable for studying programmable controllers. It focuses in a meeting a question of safety of all the system including models – in preference it solves the power supply. For studying the basic principles of programming of logical controllers it has shown the simple model of position device to be the best choice which enables the logical and analog controlling. Its building with prepared studying materials is also described in the thesis. Then the attention is dedicated to intelligent sensor and we also describe ways of the vibration measurement. Due to this purpose there was built the model which we can measure the vibrations on. As an actuating device, there is the PCs hard disk used. Both models are controlled by a programmable controller ControlLogix. The former is connected directly to the PLC and the latter uses the DeviceNet connectivity.

Dp 2007 kos jiri.pdf