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Communication with the LonWorks network[edit]

Author: Radek Láska

Diplomové práce 2007

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This thesis deals with a design and implementation of a device for monitoring and controlling of devices connected by the LonWorks network.

Main part of this work is concerned with the implementation of software which enables the communication with other devices in the LonWorks network without using the LNS Server. This software uses a network interface equipped with a driver which contains the OpenLDV API or the MIP API interface. An advantage of this solution is that is cheaper than solution based on the LNS Server.

The software is based on the implementation of presentation and application layers of the LonTalk protocol. These layers are discussed in a theoretical part of this thesis. The implementation also includes concept of dynamic variables and the interpretation of network variables according to LonMark standards.

This software is also used in the OPC server developed in this work. The OPC server provides access to network variables of devices in the LonWorks network. Function profile of the OPC server can be modified by some network management tool (eg. LonMaker).

Dp 2007 laska radek.pdf