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PADS - Power PCB - Mentor Graphics[edit]

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PADS in DCE CVUT[edit]

Thanks to Cadware s.r.o. we have licences of powerfull PCB designer PADS from Mentor Graphics. The Mentor Graphics provides free licencses for educational puproses. Now we have around 40 licences of PADS XE-ARS + HyperLynx EXT.

What is PADS and Mentor Graphics[edit]

Mentor Graphics, the world’s number one provider of PCB design solutions, has combined the expansive capabilities of the PADS® product line into a series of affordable PADS Suites. These suites have just the right mix of technology necessary for complex PCB design, yet they can be supplemented with a variety of add-on capabilities should your needs change. PADS has been proven on tens of thousands of designs around the world. They require little or no training and pay for themselves after only a few designs. PADS PCB design solutions are created for designers by designers. They cover the entire design flow, from design definition through signal integrity analysis, functional simulation, layout and outputs to manufacturing.

HOW-TOs and guides[edit]

Due to several licences policies are aditional informations and guides located in hiddedn web pages which are accesible for registered and members. If you want to access this pages you need to:

# Create account at 
# Send me email. Attach this information: Name, CVUT login, Why you want to use PADS
# Wait for my confirmation