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Ing. Petr Haba
secretary of the DCE department and chief of the IT employes - purchases of equipment; administration of printers and MS Windows workstations in offices
  • Linka: 7345
  • E-mail:
Aleš Kapica
administistration diskless infrastructure in the laboratories DCE a DC departments and support for Linux systems
  • Linka: 7332
  • E-mail:
  • Jabber:
Ing. Martin Samek
headmaster SVTI; management of the network and virtualization strategy; administration of the DCE department website
  • Linka: 7599
  • E-mail:
Ing. František Vaněk
management of the MS Wiondows workstations and models in KN:E-2, KN:E-23 and KN:E-26
  • Linka: 7216
  • E-mail:
Ing. Ondřej Votava
Employer of SVTI, suppport for Apple users and management of the network infratsructure
  • Linka: 7296
  • E-mail: