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Shape optimization of a capacitive sensor

Author: Jakub Kubeček

Bakalářské práce 2007

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This bachelor thesis deals with the problem of transfer characteristics of capacitive sensor. The sensor consists of driving and sensing plates. Mutual capacitance of the electrodes changes by the relative displacement of electrodes. The objective is to design a sensor which mutual characteristics shall be as linear as possible. The thesis is divided in a number of parts. The first part deals with finite element simulation of the sensor characteristics in the COMSOL environment.

Dimensions of the sensor are given by the supervisor of this thesis. The second objective is production of the real sensor. The sensor is produced by two printed circuit boards, one of them presents the driving plate and the second one the sensing plate. The measurement of the transduction characteristics is made after the sensor production. Shape of the electrodes shall be modified so as to linearize the sensor characteristics. The simulation shall be made for the new designed sensor again, afterwards production and lastly the measurement of its transfer characteristics.

Bp 2007 kubecek jakub.pdf