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Servo with variable damping

Author: Alexandr Ciller

Bakalářské práce 2007

Download thesis in PDF

In my bachelor thesis I deal with reconstruction and identification of a nonlinear laboratory model of servomechanism IF 122 equipped with magnetic damping. This model is connected to a PC with a multifunctional I/O card Humusoft MF 614. The software communication between the model and Matlab/Simulink is provided by Real-Time (Toolbox). First step for an improvement of the model was an addition of an encoder Eltra. Improvement in measurement of the out position required mechanical adjustment of the speed change gear. The next step was adjustment of the model parts connection by flat cables connected over one connector to equipment case. The last step was instalation of connectors for joining the computer and programmable logic controller. On the basis of mathematically-physical analyses, for the description of speed output was selected the system of the second dimension.

Bp 2007 ciller alexandr.pdf