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OPC Server[edit]

Author: Ondřej Šťavík

Diplomové práce 2006

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This master thesis deals with the usage of OPC Data Access specification for access to physical device. Main task is to develop OPC server for I/O card Advantech PCI 1750. Server supports required parts of OPC Data Access 2.05. As for the optional parts, IOPCBrowseAddressSpace interface is implemented. A simple OPC client was also developed to demonstrate basic functionality of the server.

Another task of this thesis is to develop configuration interface (manager) for the server. Manager serves users in accessing some global options of the server. Those options are unavailable from OPC clients.

The theoretic part of this thesis contains a brief introduction to some types of inter-process communication in Windows. From the simpler ones to the COM model, which the OPC technology stands upon. Description of OPC Data Access specification is another theme of the theoretic part. The practical part pays attention to concrete applications.

Dp 2006 stavik ondrej.pdf