1   Generic information

Labs take place in room KN:E-23 at Karlovo náměstí. The system with Wind River Workbench IDE is also available in rooms KN:E-2, KN:E-s109 and KN:E-26.

Teachers are Michal Sojka and Jaroslav Klapálek.

3   How to

3.1   Task submission

To submit a task:

  1. Submit the code to BRUTE. It runs various tests on your code and may give you some hints how to improve it.

    BRUTE accepts only file archives. Uploaded archive has to contain the following files that describe your WindRiver project:


    Other files (except source files and headers) are considered as garbage and their presence may result in lowering your score.

    In order to create an archive from your source code, use, for example, the following command in the project folder:

    tar czf taskX.tgz .project .wrproject .wrmakefile .cproject *.c *.h --ignore-failed-read

    The created taskX.tgz can be uploaded to BRUTE. (--ignore-failed-read argument is used to avoid errors with nonexistent *.h files, as they are present only in later tasks.)

  2. After BRUTE no longer complains about anything, show the code to the teacher. Only submissions checked by the teacher will be awarded with points!

4   Podmínky udělení zápočtu / "Zápočet" requirements

  • Odevzdané úlohy 1–7 / submitted tasks 1–7.
  • Odevzdaný funkční program semestrální práce / Submitted and working semestral work.
  • Účast na cvičeních alespoň 60% (8 cvičení) / At least 60% lab attendance.