Recent changes to this wiki:

www: Switch the title page to English
Mark all lectures as from this year
semestralka: Add link to http://localhost:8080
Add timeout to mot.c + few minor changes
If the motor is broken, mot never finishes. To handle this situation,
we added a timeout and if the motor stays at the same position for
some time, we print a message saying that and exit.
mot: Decrease the P constant to have lower overshoot
Update sched servers lecture
www/cache: Another TODO
EDF lecture: Update for this year
FPS lecture: Minor updates/clarifications
www/cache: Add another TODO
www/cache: Add TODO for next year
www/latency: Add TODO for next year
Update list of lectures
Update FPS lecture
Update off-line scheduling lecture
www: Update the number of remote accessible boards
www/semestralka: Update the information
(F) www/vcs: Update the link in the example
(F) www/latency: This time bold for sure
www/latency: Bold the microseconds because