Recent changes to this wiki:

(F) www/cache: Add missing newline
www/cache: Remove the '5cache-hw' target as it is not used this year
www/prednasky: Update status
www/sem: Update assignment and hints
www/vcs: Update links
www/sem: Comment out remote access
www/7: Add link to Julia website
www: We don't use Gnuplot
Unfortunately, KN:E-23 lab has gnuplot without GUI support only and it
cannot be easily updated.
www/7eth: Update Julia code
www: Use board name instead of "read hardware"
www/prioinherit: Add point to the lab submission guidelines as I want to see priority inversion as well
Update Julia plot code to work in the lab
Add plot example for Julia
www/7: Update
www/6: Update path to included files
ethbench: Few updates
www/6: Show the content of MZAPO device tree
www/6: Update example histogram figure
www/6: Final update
www/6: Remove extra copy of code bat-template
Include directives should work now.