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Advanced Algorithms for Control and Communications (AA4CC) is an academic research group fostered by the Department of Control Engineering at Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic. Being comprised of a few senior researchers and their students, the research expertize covers a relatively broad selection of research directions in the area of algorithms for advanced control systems. The unifying feature of most of the research activities is strong footing on the rigorous mathematical ground and full appreciation of laboratory experiments.

Video: Experiments with a distributed control of a platoon of slotcars
Video: AA4CC response to the 2012 NIST Microrobotics Challenge - another try
Video: Dielectrophoresis - pearl chaining
Video: Demonstration of an inertial stabilization with one of the early prototypes of the inertially stabilized platform.
Image: Flight experiments with an inertially stabilized camera platform
Image: Laboratory setup for dielectrophoresis
Image: Inertially stabilized camera platform underneath a military helicopter Mi-17
Image: Lab setup for measuring the position and levitation height of a particle using a CMOS chip