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Digital control design for a DC torque motor

Author: Ota Fejfar

Bakalářské práce 2007

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The goal of this thesis is to acquire basic experience in the digital control area for its following use in some other projects of Department of Control Engineering. The thesis considers a complex concept of control system of direct current motor.

In the first section of this thesis is solved the hardware part of the system. It includes a sensor selection and appropriate electronic concept on non-soldering field. The electronics is devided into the part of sensor signal processing and part of PWM signal processing. In the middle of electronics is situated a processor inside which is appropriate program implemented.

In the second section of this thesis is solved a concept of simple controller. First is created a digital model of electronic system in MATLAB/Simulink environment. This digital model is then completed into a real model of feedback control of a real motor. With the aid of the created Simulink model is finally made an experimental identification of step response of real motor and tested some different controllers. Products are compared with real system.

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