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Analysis of a bucket wheel excavator control system

Author: Pavel Jonáš

Bakalářské práce 2007

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Bucket wheel excavator SchRs 1320/4x30 produced by Czech company PRODECO, a. s. is a remarkable machine due to its power and also the technical solution. One of the control systems, which are installed on the machine, is a feedback control of drives of the bucket wheel. The bucket wheel is actuated through the gearbox by two 3F motors Siemens ARNR 630Y-6. The motors have common speed feedback control. Each motor has separate low level controllers of torque, current and magnetic flux. During the operation, it is possible to happen, that the motors are loaded by different torque, which the fast low level controllers give response. The goal of this work is to analyze these states and operation of control system in these states.

First, we need to learn about principal connection of control system of the bucket wheel. Then a simplified simulation model will be designed and implemented. By means of the model will be done an analysis of the system with all the feedbacks, which will be oriented on the states of different load of the motors.

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