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Control of railway model

Author: Jiří Kubias

Bakalářské práce 2007

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Aim of this diploma thesis is design and implementation of new control system for existing railway model, which will meet higher demands for the control of the model from superior system. New control system concept is based upon simplier structure of control- ling electronics, difierent processor in the controlling unit and modificated communication protocol between the controlling unit and superior application. Core of the controlling unit is processor LPC2106 from ARM7 family. Communication between the controlling unit and model peripherals takes place across LocoNet communication network, which made the simplification of controlling electronics possible. Point-operating apparatus was newly listed among the controlled peripherals. Controlling of the locomotives using the DCC standard was kept.

Because of the change of communication protocol and replacement of the controlling processor, completely new program for the LPC2106 processor had to be created in C language. Further, for testing of the model was created an application in C# .NET programming language.

Bp 2007 kubias jiri.pdf