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Image scanning and pre-processing in FPGA

Author: Přemysl Papík

Bakalářské práce 2007

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This project was motivated by requirement of obtain knowledges and experiences with programming of FPGA devices, which will be the base of the camera sensor of impurity consequent developement.

The project is about developement of the software for video preprocessing and presenting video by a monitor. For the realisation was used the developement kit RC10 by Celoxica company, which contains FPGA Xilinx XC3S1500 device and others usefull components as it`s peripheries. All operations with the video signal are executed only in this device, which allows paralel data processing. For the developement were used programming languages VHDL and special assembler for the PicoBlaze3 microcontroler. It is possible to control the application by predefined messages over the serial bus RS232 from a computer.

Bp 2007 papik premysl.pdf