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LinCAN driver for the Renesas HCAN2 controller

Author: Martin Petera

Bakalářské práce 2007

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This bachelor thesis describes development of a driver for the Renesas HCAN2 con- troler used for communication over CAN bus. This controler is a part of an embedded system with the RISC processor SH7760, which is used as a main proccessor unit of mother board EXM32. Module EXM32 with SH7760 proccessor board is deployed in projects of Department of Control Engineering, Faculty of Eletrical engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. The first part of this document describes the CAN bus, inner structure of the LinCAN driver and brings a short description of the EXM32 board with SH7760 proccessor module. The second part is focused on the implementation of the driver itself.

Bp 2007 petera martin.pdf