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Author: Matěj Šiška

Bakalářské práce 2007

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This work describes the present state of the robot OJ-10RS. What it has served to or what it has been part of. Description of the construction, parameters of the robot and analysis of the former control including the design of general principle of the modern solution follow. I design 4 specific control variations on the basis of modern control principle, these are successively analysed including the description of the components used. The final implemented variation is described in detail together with the detailed description of the control unit MARS 8b. The control of the robot in space is solved through DKT, mainly IKT robot. IKT is also implemented in MATLAB, where I control the robot. For the operation are used source codes by CMP that are edited for my need. I also had to create several new ones. All of the source codes are briefly described here including the graphic demonstration of the reciprocally related functions. In conclusion I describe the way of monitoring with the assistance of the PC card HUMUSOFT MF614 in MATLAB including the image of created 3D model of the robot. The appendix is the last part of the document.

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