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Robot HERO - basic control

Author: Jiří Zemánek

Bakalářské práce 2007

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This work presents the historic and current state of the mobile robot HERO and evaluates the usability of the extant electronical and mechanical parts. It sets down a concept of the robot, which will be able to operate autonomously in an unknown environment and will be provided with the possibility of wireless connection to a computer system. The concep includes a design of a control system structure and equipping it with particular systems, ensuring the functions of the robot. The work introduces a design of a power supply system including protections, choice and instalment of new drives for the robot. It also describes all mechanical modifcations made on the robot. A list of characteristics and possibilities of particular operating subsystems, which are installed on the robot, are also covered. Finally, the work deals with identifcation of a dynamic model of the robot and setting of the regulators.

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