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Control systems for passive low-energy buildings

Author: Vít Janeba

Bakalářské práce 2008

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The aim of this bachelor thesis was to get familiar with principles which are used by low-energy passive houses and apply this knowledge in background research of existing systems of their control. During the background research a lot of sources was searched but for pure passive houses no detailed remarks about their concrete control systems, main control units and action and measured values were found. For low-energy houses 5 control systems were found which were subsequently analyzed and compared in terms of used communication, measured values, controlled appliances and details of the control system. These control systems could be easily applied also in passive houses, because the mentioned low-energy houses were built according to the standards of passive house construction and they used most of the principles of passive houses. In final comparison as the best choice appeared control system of WebBrick Company mainly because it was truly sophisticated.

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