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Sensors for small mobile robots

Autor: Milan Navrátil

Bakalářské práce 2008

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This thesis describes the extension of the robot by the sensoric part, so that it can be used for the robotic football. This part allows the autonomic movement of the robot, all around the place, without crashing in to the barriers. It is realized by a distance sensor Sharp GP2D12, which works in a range of 10 - 80 cm of seeing the article. It also allows the robot to fallow the black line drown on the floor. This part works by the tern of picture sensors QRD1114. The robot was taken from the last project and extended by the hardware part and the program accessories. In the text of the work are described the registers of A/D convertor in the microcontroler H8S/2638.The part of the work is also an application of the electronic circuit, including the complete application of the sensoric electronic circuit board, on which are these sensors placed. The program part of this work is written in the program language C. There is a control program made, which implements the movemet of the robot.

Bp 2008 navratil milan.pdf