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Fuzzy Logic Approach to Truck Backer-Upper Control

Author: Vladimír Kučera

Bakalářské práce 2008

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The submitted Bachelor thesis consists of two major parts. The first part mainly focuses on the theoretical basis of the expert’s linguistic expression to fuzzy system rule construction. A short introduction to fuzzy sets which is essential to further understanding of the text is also presented in the first part. Thereafter, theoretical findings on fuzzy regulator construction are discussed as well as procedures used when control the particular backer-upper truck. The second part inquires into the analysis of the method dealing with rule construction from measured inputs and outputs while demonstrating the driving of non-linear system of the backer-upper truck by the expert. The closing part of the thesis is devoted to the final proposal of the fuzzy regulator and the implementation of the backer-upper truck conduction system in the Matlab environment.

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