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Automation of Small Flower Farm

Author: Jan Stehlík

Bakalářské práce 2008

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The aim of this project is to design a control and measuring unit of a small ower farm. This unit should be modular and easily reprogrammable for using in various applications similar to a ower farm, such as paludariums, terrariums or incubators. The design of the printed circuit board should be made with respect to low-precision manufacturing techniques used by do-it-yourself manufacturers.

The source codes and electrical schemes are going to be distributed under GPL license, which means that they can be modived and redistributed without any warranty and the author doesn't have any liability. The meaning of this project is to over an alternative to expensive commercial systems and therefore, it is written in English to be possibly spread among the world and fnd it's users in small biological research facilities or households. Furthermore this thesis compares direrent environmental sensors that could be used as measuring peripherals in practical realization of the controlled system and introduces the reader to construction of a growbox or a paludarium.

Bp 2008 stehlik jan.pdf