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Control of Time Delay Systems Using PID Controllers

Author: Václav Trnka

Bakalářské práce 2008

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The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to compare diferent design methods of PID controllers for time delay systems. Within the work, design is made for theoretical systems as well as for real physical systems. In introduction of the first chapter time delay is described from the point of view of behaviour in frequency domain and time domain which make theoretical framework of the presented work. Illustration of these results is shown in the second part of the first chapter on examples of four model time delay systems. There are transfer functions of systems expressed on basis of derivation of particular difirential equations.

In the following three chapters design methods of controllers are described such as Smith compensator, Root-Locus and Frequency-response design method and these methods are applied to four types of made-up transfer functions and results of regulation are evaluated and compared. In the final chapter controllers for real systems from the beginning of the work are designed with all methods and in addition, failures are brought in closed loops such as failure on controller's output and change of time delay from the originally considered one which approximates model situation to cases which we encounter in real systems.

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