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Modelling and Control of Pendulum on a Cart and Rotary Pendulum

Author: Korda Milan

Bakalářské práce 2009

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This thesis deals with identification and control of the cart and pendulum system and the rotary pendulum system. Simultaneous approach is applied to system analysis as well as controller synthesis. Great similarity of both the systems is pointed out during the derivation of the equations of motion using the Euler-Lagrange equation. Several pendulum swing-up techniques are described and compared. The best performance provides sinusoidal-input swing-up and energy-based swing-up strategies, each of which being best suitable for a diferent purpose. The problem of the pendulum interception at the upright position after the swing-up is also briefly tackled. An LQ controller with integral control and a state estimator is designed and compared to a double loop dynamic output controller designed via root locus techniques. The performance of the LQ controller is far superior to that of the dynamic controller, yet all the basic experiments, including pendulum interception after the swing-up and reference tracking, are successfully carried out with the dynamic controller as well.

Bp 2009 korda milan.pdf